Machine Design

Inverters Target Elevators

The SJ300-EL Series of inverters are specialized for elevator controls. They feature fully tunable Sigmoid acceleration and deceleration.


Acceleration and deceleration start/end ratio and time are set independently for each multispeed step. Variable ASR (Automatic Speed Regulator) gain setting enables stable operation with high-gain at stopping or slow speed, and low-gain at high-speed steady run. Up to eight points can be set. A feedback signal from a load cell controls starting torque for smoother operation. Braking frequency and release frequency are set independently. In case the pulse generator malfunctions, the SJ300-EL changes its control method from vector to SLV or V/Hz and continues operation.

Hitachi America Ltd., Power & Industrial Div.,
50 Prospect Ave., Tarrytown, NY 10591,
(914) 524-6645,

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