Machine Design

Jaw Couplings

A new six-pin jaw coupling takes only 5 to 15 min to remove and replace.

This reportedly compares to up to a few hours needed to replace competitive elastomeric couplings. The JIS 6 Pin coupling uses a standard jaw hub and needs no tools to remove or install. It works even with 2° angular misalignments and 0.030 to 0.094-in. parallel misalignments. The coupling is made from a 50 Shore-D urethane that withstands temperatures to 200°F (93°C). Its retaining ring is cast stainless steel and it can be used with aluminum-jaw-coupling hubs for AL090/95, AL099, 100, and AL110. The original JIS locking ring is interchangeable with the new JIS 6 Pin elastomer. Parts resist oil, dirt, sand, moisture, and grease.

Lovejoy Inc.,
2655 Wisconsin Ave., Downers Grove, IL 60515,
(630) 852-0500,

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