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Machine Design

Job-shop grinding line

Modular construction of EJ NC/CNC grinding machines provides quick part changes to reduce downtime while maintaining flexibility. The machines meet the needs of small and medium-sized job shops. The operator/machine interface features a uniform operating panel that works independently of the CNC control program. Operators trained on one machine are able to program and operate other machines in the EJ line. Models include machines for straight and angled plunge grinding, face and shoulder, and internal and external cylindrical grinding. There are three sizes in each range, with a maximum workpiece diameter of 400 mm and maximum length of 1,000 mm. The EJ line uses corundum grinding wheels at normal speeds or CBN wheels for high-speed grinding.

Erwin Junker Machinery Inc., 11 Veterans Dr., Chicopee, MA 01022, (413) 593-9199.

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