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Machine Design

Keyboard Works Underwater

The InduProof3 keyboard is sealed against water and dust for complete immersion and has LED backlighting for use in the dark.

The keyboard's wear and tear-resistant silicon top, with special Dura coating, is thermoglued to a 3-mm-thick aluminum base plate, creating a NEMA-6P/IP68 seal. The seal lets the keyboard submerge in up to 10 ft of liquid. Gold-on-gold contact domes ensure accurate data input with tactile feedback rated at over 1 million cycles. Longlife and lowpower consumption LEDs illuminate the keyboard legends, which can be adjusted in eight levels to adjust for light conditions. Operating temperature range is 40 to 194°F.

InduKey North America, Box 566, New Stanton, PA 15672, (866) 4638539,

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