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Knitted-Mesh Vibration Mounts

Base-mounted stainless-steel knitted-mesh vibration mounts are designed for applications where corrosive environments could cause problems in conventional isolation materials.

The mounts have stainless-steel springs and resilient knitted-mesh pads enclosed in an aluminum-alloy housing. The units are unaffected by oil, water, ozone, bacteria, corrosion, or temperature extremes (there is no change in efficiency between 94 and 347°F).

The V10Z22 Series are light-duty mounts for use in marine, aircraft, and mobile applications. The mounts have static-load capacities from 1.55 to 132.30 lb and configurations 1/4-20 to 3/8-24. Additional features include: transverse and axial (vertical) stiffness ratio of approximately 1:2.5; natural frequency 7 to 10-Hz vertical and 4.5 to 6-Hz transverse, depending on load, for a displacement input of ±0.30 in. The mounts weigh between 3.53 and 4.41 oz.

The V10Z28 Series are heavy-duty units for use in machine tools, motors, generator sets, printing presses, textile machinery, and pumps. Six different mounts come in static-load capacities from 10 to 1,000 lb. The units have a natural frequency of 13 to 17 Hz for an amplitude of ±0.12 in. The mounts weigh 6.33 oz.

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