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Lamination steels CD now available

Lamination steels CD now available

The Electric Motor Education and Research Foundation (EMERF), a research foundation of SMMA — The Motor and Motion Association, has announced the release of the Lamination Steels Third Edition CD-ROM. Over five years in development, the CD contains more than 1,700 pages of charts, data tables, and other information on the full range of steels commonly used in the laminated cores of electric motors and generators. Special emphasis is given to magnetization and core loss properties at elevated frequencies. Features include:

  • Data from 13 international material producers
  • Magnetization and core loss data for more than 180 grades and thicknesses of lamination steels
  • Data values in spreadsheet form to allow quick development of materials libraries in motor simulation and analysis programs
  • B-H values in both oersteds and amperes per meter; core loss values in both watts per pound and watts per kilogram

Excerpts from the CD, a list of all materials on the disk, and an order form are available at

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