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Machine Design

Largest Capacity Rotary Cutoff Machine

The RC80 Series of tube-cutoff systems can chamfer the ID and OD in one chucking for tubes ranging in diameter from 3.5 to 9.0 in.

The RC80 keeps the tube stationary with two 6-in. jaw chucks, and the tools rotate. This results in faster, more accurate cuts, and quieter operation, according to the manufacturer. The RC80 also offers ID radius machining for both ends. Maximum wall thickness is 1.5 in. Up to three lengths can be programmed for a single tube, allowing short run and best advantage processing. Changeover to another diameter takes less than a minute.

Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems LLC,
11199 State Rte. 101, Brookville, IN 47012,
(765) 647-1600,

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