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Machine Design

Laser Mirrors

These mirrors are designed to minimize scatter from high power UV lasers, including Krypton-Fluoride (248 nm), Xenon-Chloride (308 nm), and Xenon-Fluoride (361 nm) lasers.

The low-loss mirrors have high-damage thresholds, thermal stability, and low-wave-front distortion. All mirrors are designed for a 45° angle of incidence and feature low polarization dependence. They have a thin-film dielectric coating on fused-silica substrate, offer 10-5 surface quality, and come in diameters of 12.5 mm and 25mm. The mirrors are damage tested using 10-ns-long excimer laser pulses at the specified wavelengths.

Edmund Optics Worldwide,101 East Gloucester Pike, Barrington, NJ 08007, (800) 363-1992,

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