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Machine Design

Laser Scanner Includes Software

LPX-1200 desktop 3D laser scanner with bundled Pixform Pro reverse-modeling software produces high-quality scans, while Pixform Pro streamlines data editing.

The LPX-1200 laser scanner comes with the Pixform Pro data editor. Its compatible with most CAD/CAM programs.

It can align, merge, fill holes, decimate, remesh, and translate polygon surfaces into Nurb surfaces. Users can scan, for instance, a mobile phone to design blister packaging and accessories, or an ear-canal mold for a custom hearing aid. Features include 0.0039-in. scanning resolution, rotary and planar scanning modes, and a 5-in.-diameter by 8-in. (height) scanning volume. Prices: The LPX-1200 bundled with Pixform Pro software, $21,995; LPX-250 alone: $9,995.

Roland DGA Corp., 15271 Barranca Pkwy., Irvine, CA 92618-2201, (949) 727-2100,

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