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Laser shaft-alignment tools - SKF USA Inc.

TKSA laser shaft-alignment tools are for aligning the shafts of rotating machinery. They use a Class 2, 670 to 675-nm diode laser to measure shaft alignments between brackets 2.7 in. to 3.3 ft apart.

TKSA 20’s handheld display shows real–time coupling and feet values to speed alignment corrections. TKSA 40 has an animated graphical interface on a 4-in. backlit screen with alphanumeric keys. Preset and user-definable tolerance tables simplify alignments. Alignment settings and results can be stored to the TKSA 40’s internal memory or downloaded via USB cable.
Both devices permit “soft-foot” checks to ensure the machine is standing evenly on all feet and prealignment functions for grossly misaligned shafts. The interfaces use language-free menus and let users select measurement units.

SKF USA Inc., 890 Forty Foot Rd., Lansdale, PA 19446, (267) 436-6766,

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