Machine Design

Leadscrew adapted to customization


The NTB Series of antibacklash leadscrews from Kerk Motions Products, Hollis, N.H. (, all have a similar, compact and simple design that makes them easily modified or customized for more precision, reliability or value. A patented take-up mechanism ensures the screws maintain axial stiffness and that system torque is minimized. This translates into smooth operation and a long operational life. The screw design also eliminates the need to highly preload the nut to compensate for loads.

The screws can be outfitted with flange or thread mounts and handle dynamic loads of up to 200 lb. The nuts are made of self-lubricating acetal, and the screws are 303 stainless steel. The screws can also be TFE coated which reduces the need for lubrication and maintenance. Nuts can be machined or molded in a variety of shapes and sizes, from less then 0.375 to 0.9375 in.

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