Machine Design

Led-Based Floodlight

Accent LED-based floodlights reportedly last 25 times longer and consume 50% less power than 45-W floodlights.

The floodlights will perform for an estimated 17 years (50,000 hr) at 8 hr/day. They feature a proprietary light engine that emits roughly twice the colored light as a 100-W color incandescent, but use only 22 W, average. They come in red, green, blue, and amber, run off 120 Vac, and are UL approved for indoor, outdoor, and wet locations. They have a regular screw-in base so no separate wiring or power supplies are needed.

Enlux Lighting,
100 W. Hoover, Suite 5,
Mesa, AZ 85210,
(480) 733-8065,

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