Machine Design

Lending an extra helping hand

The C-clamp could be getting some competition when it comes to those clamping jobs.


Clamp can be reversed to provide a spreading or expanding force


The optional sidekick provides a clamping force from a second axis.

The Strong Hand Sliding Arm Clamp from Valtra Inc., Pico Rivera, Calif. (, is said to save time and be more versatile. For example, studies show that clamping with the Sliding Arm can be done in one-tenth to one-third the times it takes with a C-clamp. And while a C-clamp needs a6-in. screw to cover a 6-in. range, the more compact Sliding Arm needs only a 3-in. screw. The Sliding Arm has two other features not found on most C-clamps. A spring-loaded button on top of the clamping bar lets the clamping arm slide on or off and accessories be added, making the clamp modular. There is also a threaded hole on the bottom of the jaw for mounting the clamp and adding accessories. A V-pad holds round objects and a sidekick attachment provides a second axis of clamping force.

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