Machine Design

Lifting Columns

Telemag lifting columns deliver push or pull force for loads up to 4,000 N. Rigid aluminum profiles and precision glide pads let the columns lift offset loads without bending.

Efficient gear technology contributes to high push-force capabilities and reduced noise levels. The columns incorporate a 24, 120, or 230-Vdc linear actuator to extend or retract its three telescopic aluminum profiles. Maximum operating speed, with minimal vibration, is 45 mm/sec. Stroke lengths up to 700 mm are possible. Safety features of the columns include self-lock in push and pull, integrated limit switches, cutoff switches, and a backup nut at the end position.

SKF Actuation Systems, 1530 Valley Center Pkwy., Bethlehem, PA 18017, (800) 541-3624,

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