Machine Design

Lighted Pushbuttons

Panel-mounted AV Series pushbuttons provide a high degree of security in harsh environments. They can be used in applications where control panels are in high traffic or unsupervised locations, such as ATMs, security surveillance, alarm panels, and process-control panels.

The pushbuttons incorporate numerous features to protect them against rough or abusive treatment, including a durable metal bezel with a low-profile shape that prevents attempts to remove the switch from the front of the panel; antijamming construction, which consists of minimal clearance between the switch bezel and actuator; and reduced actuator travel, which prevents the insertion of foreign parts. A solid mechanical stop inside the metal bezel prevents crushing of the contacts and mechanism. Sealing options range from minimal dust and water-splash resistance to fully dust-tight and resistant to water jets from any direction.

APEM, Box 8288, 63 Neck Rd., Haverhill, MA 01835, (781) 246-1007.

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