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Lincoln Mark X

According to Lincoln, the Mark moniker is given only to special vehicles, beginning with the 1956 Continental Mark II.

The Mark X roadster concept may begin a new era of these luxury vehicles. Based on the rear-wheel-drive Thunderbird, the carries a 3.9-liter V8 providing 280 hp and 286 lb-ft of torque, linked to a five-speed automatic transmission. The transmission features SelectShift, which can be controlled using the gearshift or by pushbuttons on either side of the steering wheel. Catching up with European automakers, the Mark X features a power-folding hardtop that opens up in under 30 sec. A simple push on a button in the center console and hydraulic cylinders, powered by an electric pump, retract the two-piece hardtop. And for those who cannot tolerate a hair out of place, the glass roof lets the sun shine in without dropping the top. Don't think putting the hardtop down cuts in on trunk space. The trunk space remains a healthy 15 ft3 even with the top down, and is completely lined in leather.

This concept is all about luxury. Unusual lime-colored leather covers the seats, dashboard, and doors with white Corian (yes, the countertop material) and aluminum accents, finished off by sheepskin flooring. A 7-in. LCD information panel operates via a mouse that sits in the center console or by controls on either side of the screen. The system displays satellite navigation, climate-control status, and vehicle particulars such as tire pressure or seat memory. LED taillamps are said to light up 200 msec faster than traditional bulbs, consume less power, and last longer than conventional lighting.

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