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Machine Design

Linear Actuator

The Parallel Actuator is designed for linear raising and lowering of loads within conveyor systems for parallel, right-angle, or directional load-transfer capabilities.

The unit is installed horizontally, minimizing space. The actuator operates on 90-psi air pressure and features mechanical linkages to translate horizontal cylinder force into vertical stroke. Model PHM-1 20 handles loads to 44 lb and PHM-A 20 handles loads to 220 lb. The actuator has a 0.75-in. vertical lift. End plates guide the vertical travel while T-slots in the aluminum profiles eliminate the need for special mounting plates. Travel time is 1.5 sec, cycle times is 4 sec.

mk Automation Engineering Inc., 105 Highland Park Dr., Bloomfield, CT 06002, (860) 769-5500,

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