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Linear actuator - Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc.

The MotoDrive PDE captive linear actuator, available in size 17 single or double stack, comes with an integrated chopper drive for precision motion-control applications.
The system is capable of an output force of 50 lb for the single stack and 78 lb for the double stack version. The device’s captive configuration allows a self-contained linear actuator unit with an antirotation device guiding a splined output shaft. The configuration also makes the actuator suitable for applications needing shorter stroke lengths (up to 2.5 in.), such as precision fluid dispensing, throttle control, and valve movement.
The MotoDrive has a microstepping range of 200 to 12,800 steps/rev. With a 12 to 42-Vdc supply voltage, the actuator functions with a run current programmable up to 2.6 Arms/phase. A square-wave pulse sets actuator speed, a 5-Vdc high or low signal sets direction, and a 5-Vdc enable are needed for operation. All inputs are optically isolated.
Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc., 1500 Meriden Rd., Waterbury, CT 06705, (203) 756-7441,

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