Machine Design

Linear Actuators

The Roh'lix Series of linear actuators can carry loads at speeds up to 70 ips depending on size.

These actuators consist of three replaceable precision ball bearings at each end of a two-piece aluminum carrier block. The movable carrier block travels on a threadless hardened RC 58 shaft that needs no lubrication. Designed to handle thrust rated from 5 to 200 lb, loads can attach to the carrier block using two cap screws. The system disengages for overload protection if the adjustable thrust capacity is exceeded. Five standard sizes are available from 0.375 to 2-in. or 8 to 50-mmdiameter shafts. Quick-disconnect models are also available in shaft sizes from 0.375 to 0.75-in. and 8 to 20-mm in diameter.

Zero-Max Inc.,
13200 Sixth Ave. N, Plymouth, MN 55441,
(800) 533-1731, www.

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