Machine Design

Linear Actuators

SRX-150 aluminum profile linear actuators come in belt or ball-screw-driven versions.

These actuators provide up to double the roll-moment capacity of comparable screw-driven products, and nearly five times that of other belt-driven actuators, the manufacturer claims. They handle dynamic loads to 66 kN with speeds up to 5 m/sec. Zero-backlash, high-speed, and long-stroke operation make these actuators suitable for high-load gantry systems, pick and place, and heavy transfer equipment for industries such as automotive/transportation, industrial packaging, heavy machinery, and glass handling. Standard features include NSK K1 lubrication units for maintenance-free operation, and end-of-travel, high-energy-absorbing bumpers. A stainless-steel sealing strip protects the linear guides and ball screws from particulate ingress. Both the ball-screw and belt-driven units incorporate NSK LW Series Linear Rolling Guides. The ball screw uses NSK LPR Series high lead precision-rolled ball screws, Grade Ct7, for high accuracy. Optional accessories include enclosed linear encoders for up to 1- m resolution, integral gearheads with less than 3 arc-min of backlash, proximity sensors, and various motor mounts, connecting brackets, line shafts, and couplers.

Bishop-Wisecarver Corp., 2104 Martin Way, Pittsburg, CA 94565, (888) 580-8272,

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