Machine Design

Linear-displacement transducers

The Gemco 953 Series Vmax linear-displacement transducer (LDT) offers absolute position indication with high resolution and repeatability.

The IP68-rated Series resists contaminants and environmental conditions. These LDTs feature magnetostrictive position-sensing technology with factory-calibrated zero point. Custom configurations are available. Features include a programmable span, an active measuring range of up to 300 in., and variable power-supply voltages ranging from 7 to 30 Vdc. The transducers have visual and electronic diagnostics for quick troubleshooting. Applications include steel mills, primary and secondary metals processing such as stamping, roll forming, and die casting; lumber and forest-products equipment; and more.

Ametek Automation & Process Technologies, 1080 N. Crooks Rd., Clawson, MI 48017, (800) 635-0289,

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