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Linear motion market must diversify for growth

Linear motion market must diversify for growth

According to the newly released report, The World Market for Linear Motion Products, 2010 Edition from IMS Research, Austin, the combined ballscrew and linear guide markets are estimated at $3.8 billion. Within this latest report, nearly 45% of sales came from the large and well-established OEM sectors making machine tools and semiconductor production equipment.

However, analysts note that these established markets for linear motion components have fluctuated widely in recent years. In order to achieve stable, high-growth revenues, manufacturers of ballscrew and linear guide products are seeking new markets. For example, some are developing products suitable for other industry sectors poised for steady growth, such as those that produce equipment for pharmaceuticals, agriculture, and food and beverage. In addition, governmental infrastructure projects, such as those in power generation and distribution, as well as mass transportation, will provide stable revenues even during recessionary times, say analysts.

Companies are also targeting areas that offer high initial growth with sustained long-term revenues, in both emerging regional markets and specialized markets for new technologies, such as production machinery for lithium-ion batteries and photovoltaic panels. James Dawson, author of the new report, believes that competition within these markets will be fierce.

“Many companies are keen to gain a foothold in these markets, make up for business lost in the recent downturn, and provide a stable revenue base in future downturns,” he says.

The new report explores in detail how current trends will affect the yearly development of this market through 2015. For more information, visit

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