Machine Design

Linear Positioner Uses Stepper Motor

The EZ Limo EZS and EZHS motorized sliders are linear positioners driven by stepper motors and ball screws.

Units come with stroke lengths of 50 to 500 mm (1.97 to 19.7 in.) with a maximum load of 30 kg (66 lb). The EZS will reach maximum horizontal speeds of 300 mm/sec (11.8 ips), 800 mm/sec (31.5 ips) for the EZHS. Both have repeat-positioning accuracy within 0.02 mm (0.8 mils) under full load and speed. Smooth drive software suppresses vibration and noise even during low speeds. A teaching pendant permits remote programming and monitoring of current position and I/O status.

Oriental Motor USA Corp.,
15215 National Ave., Suite 100, Los Gatos, CA 95032,
(800) 418-7903,

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