Machine Design

Linear Sensors Handle High Shock Loads

More rugged versions of the Temposonics R-Series and G-Series sensors offer a new option for magnetostrictive linear-position sensing.

The devices are capable of continuous operation at external vibration levels of 15 g and surviving shock levels of 100 g. Their new shockandvibration-resistant design lets the sensors withstand 30-g vibration without interruption of normal operation. The sensors are CE-certified with the industry's highest EMC ratings, thanks to its double-shielded design. Circuitry protection, including 300-Vdc polarity and 36-Vdc overvoltage, help ensure the sensor doesn't fail due to wiring errors. The R-Series Model RH, with rod-style application housing, is capable of hydraulic or pneumatic incylinder operation, while the Model RP profile-style housing sensor is for mounting to machine surfaces via mounting brackets.

MTS Systems Corp., Sensors Div.,
3001 Sheldon Dr., Cary NC 27513,
(919) 677-0100, Shockvibe.htm

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