Machine Design

Linear Servomotors

AL2400 and AL2800 Series of linear servomotors includes two motors with a peak force of 120 or 240 N.

The AL2400 motors are 50 mm wide, have a pole spacing of 24 mm, and target applications with tight installation requirements. The motors reach speeds of up to 8 m/sec and operate with 230 Vac. For high peak forces up to 9,000 N, the AL2800 Series offers four motor variants with 2250 N, 4500 N, 6750 N or 9000 N. The motors are 130 mm wide and the pole spacing is 24 mm. The motors reach speeds between 2.5 and 6 m/sec and operate with 400 to 480 Vac.

The procedure for adjusting the drive amplifiers and adapting to a linear encoder or MES system is always the same to simplify commissioning. In principle, it is possible to operate several primary sections on one magnetic track. The primary motor sections contain the coils and the iron core for use in demanding environments. A stainless cover protects the motor magnet material from mechanical damage and oxidation.

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