Machine Design

Linear slide combines accuracy and rigidity

A new line of linear positioning slides designed for scanning, R&D, manufacturing...

A new line of linear positioning slides designed for scanning, R&D, manufacturing, and instrument-testing applications has been developed by engineers at Velmex Inc., Bloomfield, N.Y. They handle loads to 300 lb, over lengths from 5 to 150 in. with 0.003-in. straight-line accuracy and 0.0002-in. repeatability. Dual-tandem and open-frame configurations are available for larger or bulky loads. The slides use NEMA-23 and 34 motors. Leadscrew pitches are 0.1 and 0.4 in., or 2 mm, and leadscrew accuracy is on the order of 0.003 in./10 in.

  1. Carriage has large mounting surface with eight threaded attachment holes, plus four accessory holes for limit-switch cam or other sensors. S-beam construction with four adjustment bolts minimizes freeplay and compensates for wear.
  2. Support bearing optimized for constraint and antivibration.
  3. T-slots provide universal connections to the base for cleat or side mounting, limit switches, framing, and tandeming.
  4. PTFE bearing pads for low friction and smooth linear motion.
  5. Hard, alloy aluminum base uses I-beam construction and a hard, anodized surface for strength, light weight, and durability.
  6. Precision-honed coupling rigidly mates motor to leadscrew.
  7. Four-bolt plate securely holds motor.
  8. Nickel-plated lead screw provides smooth operation
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