Motion System Design

Live and direct

The new is live. What does this mean to you?

We hope this means that you, our readers, will come to find it a welcoming environment, a new and pleasant place to visit regularly for well-organized information on all things motion.

To this end, we have renamed all posted articles with more literal titles, rewritten their descriptive texts for more clarity, categorized the information by both component category and design objective, and grouped them on deeper pages for more efficient browsing and searching. In addition, our corporate eMedia team has recolored and redesigned all toolbars and menus for logical linking — to our and other pages of interest.

What will you find at Motion System Design, the magazine, has always been a boutique journal, and is as well. You'll find both everything and very little there: Everything about motion control and power transmission, and very little about anything else. Our archives date back to 1993, so there are more than 1,000 deeper sites catalogued for your reference, with new articles and news uploaded frequently. On the site, you'll also see Chris Anderson's Long Tail at work, in the form of information and contributed comments that never appeared in the physically limited print magazine.

Is this a look-but-don't-touch kind of site? Certainly not. We invite you to contact us and other readers at the blog connected to — via the link on the home page. Posting to the blog does require registration, but the process is relatively painless and only fleetingly bothersome.

If you subscribe to our Motion eNewsletter (also accessible at the new site, under the Motion Learning Center tab) you already know that we maintain dialogue with you there as well. Don't be surprised if you post a design problem you're having, and our 44,000 eNewsletter readers are invited to solve it the following week. In fact, a few brave souls have already posted their design queries at the blog — searching for PID tuning services, information on better precision when limited by drive/PLC communication lags, and how to install hydraulics on a woodworking bench.

In fact, all correspondence from you, our readers, eventually receives personal attention by at least one editor on staff; that's true whether you e-mail, write, or leave a blog comment at our forum. I personally thank you readers who visit the new site and take the time to make contact.

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