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Motion System Design

Locking Devices

Stainless-steel shaft collars

Smooth bore shaft collars in 316 stainless steel suit medical, food processing, and pharmaceutical applications where washdown is required and contamination from corrosion must be avoided.

Features & benefits

  • High resistance to chloride corrosion

  • Available in one- and two-piece clamp-style designs with bore sizes from ⅛ to 2 in. and 3 to 50 mm

  • Clamp-style collars do not mar shaft, provide higher holding power, and are easily adjustable compared to set screw type shaft collars

  • Single point face ensures perpendicularity and proper alignment

Ruland Manufacturing Co. Inc.
(508) 485-1000
Circle 151
Graphic Ruland SScollars.JPG

High-precision locking collars

Retaining ClampNuts are accurate, adjustable, and save installation time when positioning and locking to shaft bearings, cams, conveyor rollers, gears, pulleys, sheaves, sprockets, and other adjustable components.

Features & benefits

  • Available as AFBMA/ANSI, American National, ISO, metric, unified coarse, unified fine, and unified constant

  • Thread bore sizes from ⅛ to 7¾ in. and 10 to 200 mm

  • Available in aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel

  • Plain bore clamp style and split collars are available in bore sizes of ⅛ to 4 in. and 3 to 100 mm

  • Eliminate cutting keyways and shaft marring

Whittet-Higgins Co.
(401) 728-0700
Circle 152

Locking bushings

ETP Express shaft locking bushings provide a strong, yet precise connection between keyless shafts and mounted components.

Features & benefits

  • Low total indicated run-out of less than 0.0008 in., which minimizes component run-out on rotating shafts, reducing machine vibration and noise

  • Double-walled hardened steel sleeve and flange filled with an actuating pressure medium

  • Handle torque ranges from 39 to 12,538 lb-ft

  • Inch and metric sizes from ⅝ to 2 in. or 15 to 80 mm

Zero-Max Inc.
(800) 533-1731
Circle 153

Keyless hub-to-shaft connection system

Concentric Maxi Torque connection system offers tight run out control, precise component positioning, and eliminates the need for secondary machining, unlike other connection devices such as keyways, set screws, pins, and clamp collars.

Features & benefits

  • Twelve sizes with bores from 0.125 to 1.1875 in. and torque capacities from 35 to 3,300 lb-in.

  • Radial run out less than 0.001/0.026 mm as assembled; attains higher drive speeds, reduces unwanted vibration, and maintains concentricity

  • Flexible positioning allows easy phase, installment, adjustment, and removal of drive components

  • Compact design and single screw eliminate shaft modification and extended hubs often associated with the use of set screws or pins

  • Mechanical shrink fit provides uniform surface contact to ensure no relative movement or loss of torque capacity over extended periods

Custom Machine & Tool Co. Inc.
(781) 331-7770
Circle 154

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