Machine Design

Locking Lever Switch

The 100 Series K locking-lever switch can be locked in one of three positions to prevent unintentional actuation.

Locking lever switch

Applications for the panel-mounted switch include instrumentation, test circuits, and industrial-control equipment. Constructed of brass and stainless steel, the switch has a minimum electrical and mechanical life of 40,000 cycles. Three different functional options are available in SP, DP, 3P, or 4P: On-None-On, On-Off-On, and On-On-On. These switches are available with copper alloy, silver, or gold-plated contacts. The switch's maximum initial contact resistance is 0.01 with silver contacts rated at 5A at 120 Vac or 28 Vdc and gold at 0.4 Va at 20 Vac/Vdc. Switch dimensions for a single pole switch are 1.456 3 0.500 3 0.270 in. Other features include a dielectric strength of 1,000 Vac and operating temperature range of 30 to 85°C.

E-Switch, 7153 Northland Dr., Brooklyn Park, MN 55428, (763) 504-3525,

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