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Machine Design

Long-Life Actuator

I Series electromechanical roller-screw actuators are said to have significantly longer operating life than comparable ball-screw actuators, yet cost less.

The I Series offers a choice of motor brands and types, including brushless servo, stepper, dc, and ac. Input transmission options include direct coupling, parallel belt and pulley drive, and in-line planetary gearing. Mounting options include side brackets, side lugs, pivot attachments, and side trunnions. Two grades balance performance and cost. The lower-cost IM Series is suited for forces to 4,000 lb and cycle rates typical of stepper, dc, and ac motors. The IX Series provides maximum capacity with brushless servomotors for rapid cycling and long life. Typical applications for I Series linear actuators include automated assembly, material handling, pick and place, and gantries.

Exlar Corp., 1470 Lake Dr. W, Chanhassen, MN 55317, (952) 368-3434,

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