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Low-Offset Bus Buffer

The LTC4307, an I2C bus buffer with low offset and stuck bus recovery adds only 50 mV of low offset voltage between input and output, instead of the typical 100 mV or more.

This lets users cascade several LTC4307s in series and maintain VOL levels and large noise margins. It also has stuck-bus recovery circuitry that detects and clears stuck buses. So if the serial data output or serial clock output are low for more than 30 msec, LTC4307 breaks the data and clock bus connections and generates up to 16 clock pulses. Furthermore, the LTC4307 provides capacitive isolation between backplane and the card's I2C busses, even if their respective supplies are at different levels. The LTC4307 is available in eight-lead MSOP and 3 × 3–mm DFN packages.

Linear Technology Corp.,
1630 McCarthy Blvd., Milpitas, CA 95035,
(408) 432-1900,

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