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Low-Pressure Regulator

The large diaphragm of the Model M4100 pressure regulator provides high sensitivity and accuracy for precise control in extreme low-pressure applications such as leak detection, low-pressure natural-gas kick cells, tank blanketing, or where output pressure must be continuously controlled to within ±0.005 psi, even in extreme cold temperatures or fluctuating supply pressures. The unit’s high flow capacity (over 35 scfm) makes it a highly responsive control device. With a 0 to 0.07-psi output pressure, the M4100’s no-bleed configuration provides precise pressure control whether used as a single control device or as a control signal device to an existing pilot regulator.

Designed with aluminum and stainless-steel components, the M4100 is compatible with compressed air or natural gas.

Fairchild Industrial Products Co.
3920 Westpoint Blvd.
Winston-Salem, NC 27103
(336) 659-3400

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