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Machine Design

Low-Profile Conveyor

Transept TM Series conveyor systems carry unit loads to 500 lb at speeds to 98.5 fpm.

Each shuttle or load carriage contains eight load-bearing wheels and eight side-guide rollers. The design lets a part fixture overhang the shuttle for greater access. The part fixture may also cantilever for easier part manipulation.

A patented dual-drive system gives positive transport throughout line switches, onto lift sections, turntables, and storage loadbanks, for load carriage lengths from 20 to 120 in. Track height is 21 in. from floor to carriage top. An enclosed chain path gives safe operation and propels loads with minimum power consumption.

Northwood Automation, 16055 Northwood Rd., Prior Lake, MN 55372, (612) 209-6122,

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