Machine Design

Low-Profile Stage

Model PMT160-DC is a single-axis precision positioning stage that comes in five sizes and strokes ranging from 50 to 300 mm.

The table's total travel is 50 to 300 mm in each direction with straightness/flatness deviation from 0.5 to 4 m, depending on the model. Included in the low-profile design are the drive mechanisms and a precision preloaded miniature ball screw coupled to a dc motor with rotary encoder. The high-strength anodized aluminum table handles loads to 200 N, offers positional accuracy of 10 to 20 m, repeatability of 0.5 m, and speeds to 50 mm/sec and accelerations of 0.5 m/sec. Backlash-free preloaded cross-roller bearings offer precise linear guidance. The table features a 140-mm square top with predrilled mounting holes, and can be used in an XY assembly without an adapter plate. Options include different hole-mounting patterns, integrated servoamplifier, vacuum and clean-room compatibility, and an electromagnetic brake for the vertical axis.

Steinmeyer Inc.,
217 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803,
(781) 273-6220,


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