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Lube-Free Precision Bearings

Dry-running, antifriction precision linear bearings are completely free of organic lubricants,


sulfur-containing solid lubricants, and soft-metal-coating lubricants. Running surfaces in standard linear bearings without organic lubricants are completely destroyed after only 10,000 rolling element overruns. In contrast, DryRunner bearings are said to run dry for more than 100 million overruns. Key to this performance are rails having running surfaces coated with a hard and abrasion-resistant thin film of tungsten carbide. This coating has an excellent adhesion to the steel surface, a low coefficient of friction against a steel counter body, and a high resistance to surface fatigue. The bearings also ward off cage creep. They are available with rolling elements up to 6 mm in diameter and maximum lengths to 900 mm. Maximum speeds of 1 m/sec and maximum accelerations up to 150 m/sec are possible. Operating temperatures are from 40 to +80°C (120°C for short intervals).

Schneeberger Corp.,
11 DeAngelo Dr., Bedford, MA 01730,
(800) 854-6333,

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