Machine Design

Machinable Repair Epoxy

Bond-IT 7056AL is an aluminum-filled epoxy that hardens in 4 to 8 min to form a hard, durable metallic material that is machinable with standard tools.


It can rebuild surfaces and fill gaps and holes, as well as assemble components. It has a viscosity of 40,000 cP, 65 Shore-D hardness, strength of 3,500 psi, and a thermal conductivity of 20 Btu-hr/ft 2 °F. The epoxy needs no molds, fixtures, or clamps and can be applied without running, dripping, or sagging. The easy-to-dispense 2-oz kits are packaged for small in-house and off-site repairs, but bulk quantities are also available.

Cotronics Corp., 3379 Shore Pkwy., Brooklyn, NY 11235, (718) 646-7996,

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