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Magnetic-backed polishing cloths - Buehler

Magnetic-backed polishing cloths - Buehler

Magnetic-backed MB polishing cloths adhere to polishing platens without the air bubbles caused by pressure-sensitive adhesives and without  bimetallic plates. The cloths come in surface roughnesses for coarse grinding to final polishing.
Ultra MB cloth, a hard, coarse, fine-weave polyester cloth, produces flat coarse-polished surfaces when used with diamond compounds with 6 to 15-micron particles. TexMet MB is a buffed, non-woven cloth uniform material removal with 1 to 15-micron diamond compounds. Satyn MB is a a woven artificial silk cloth for intermediate-polish stages with 9-micron or finer diamond particles. Chemia MB cloths for final polish are non-woven substrates laminated to buffed polyurethanes with microscopic voids. The porous surface resists attack-polish agents.
MB cloths come in packs of five and are available in 8-in., 10-in., and 12-in. diameters.

Buehler, 41 Waukegan Rd., Lake Bluff, IL 60044, (800) 283-4537,

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