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Machine Design

Magnetic-Encoder Chip

The solid-state, AM256 magnetic 8-bit encoder chip is for noncontact angular position encoding over 360°, providing incremental, parallel, serial SSI, and analog sinusoidal output options. The encoder’s circuit senses the angular position of a diametrically polarized, cylindrical magnet placed above it. A circular array of Hall sensors, around the center of the IC, detects the magnetic-flux density distribution at the surface of the silicon and delivers a voltage representation of the magnetic field distribution. Sine and cosine voltage outputs vary with magnet position, and are converted to absolute position with a fast 8-bit Flash interpolator. Relative changes of angle position are output as incremental A quad B signals with 8-bit/256 counts per revolution.

The AM256 operates at -40 to 125°C, has high resistance to shock and vibration, and rotational speed capability up to 60,000 rpm.

The DMX-K-SA-11 microstep motor, from Arcus Technology, Livermore, Calif., integrates the AM256 encoder with a driver and controller in a single NEMA-11 package real-time position verification. The stepper motor is a 16-microstep driver capable of full, ½, ¼, or 1/16 microsteps in three different stack sizes suitable for sizesensitive biomedical, optical, semiconductor and similar applications requiring open-loop microstep motion with real-time position confirmation.

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