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Magnetic ring encoders - ASM Sensors Inc.

New to the Posirot family of incremental magnetic ring encoders is the PMIR7 Series. The encoders are available in three sizes to accommodate 27, 35, and 50-mm shaft sizes and yield up to 184,320 pulses/rev in conjunction with the quadrature encoder read head, PMIS4 Series.

The noncontact encoder consists of a magnetoresistive read head, PMIS4, and a PMIR7 dual-channel magnetic ring. The sensor head is completely enclosed in a metal housing and generates the industry standard A, B, Z output pulses for quadrature detection with reference mark.
The device’s shielded metal housing protects against EMC interference and thermal overload. The enclosure has an IP67 rating to protect against dirty environments. Operating temperature range is –40 to 85°C.

ASM Sensors Inc., 650 W. Grand Ave., Unit 205, Elmhurst, IL 60126, (630) 832-3202,

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