Machine Design

Marine Actuators

Thomson Electrak stainless-steel marine actuators provide boat and marine manufacturers with a source of push-pull power on watercraft.

The compact actuators offer broad load capabilities and 12 or 24-Vdc operation, drawing power only when the load is being moved. Applications include raising, lowering, and holding engine hatch covers; boom control for raising or lowering the mainsail; opening, closing, and holding windows; downhaul control; raising and lowering trailer hitches; and seat positioning. Available stroke lengths are 2 to 24 in. and load ratings from 25 to 1,500 lb. The actuators have ball or Acme screw drives for high or moderate load ratings, and hold for safety when the power is off. To prevent back driving on ball-bearing screw models, builtin brakes are standard. Additional features include weather protection seals and gaskets provide IP 65 rating; overload protection; UL 1500 ignition-protected listing of entire actuator assembly on selected designs (per Coast Guard requirements), and a maintenance-free lifetime lubricated gearbox. The actuators passed the 200-hr salt spray test per ASTEM B 117-002.

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