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Material Products: Light-Curing Adhesive

UV10FL-1, a UV-curing adhesive, is formulated for high strength and complete cure of sections up to 0.25-in. thick. Exposure to UV light kicks off curing in the clear epoxy, but polymerization continues after exposure.

The material has a tensile strength of 2,850 psi and a tensile modulus of 154,000 psi with 43% elongation at break. It resists prolonged exposure to temperatures up to 300°F and withstands contact with water, acids, bases, salts, and most organic chemicals. The epoxy bonds with metals, ceramics, and glass as well as many plastics and elastomers.

Master Bond
154 Hobart St.
Hackensack, NJ 07601
(201) 343-8983

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