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Math file-sharing problems solved

Sharing complicated math equations has gotten easier with the development of TK Solver Player for Excel, a free downloadable program from Universal Technical Systems Inc. (UTS). The software, available at, lets users share Excel worksheets and mathematical models created in TK Solver 5.0 Premium Edition. Now, TK Solver users can link any number of mathematical models to an Excel spreadsheet and “package” the file without any programming. The packaging feature automatically converts the file into a mini-application (i.e. .exe, .zip, .tkx) that can be shared via the Player.

Although similar to Adobe Systems Inc.'s reader, the TK Solver Player is an interactive tool that lets recipients change inputs and view outputs in a particular math model, perform automatic unit conversions and iterative calculations, and take advantage of extensive NIST thermodynamic and transport property functions. The Player allows the recipient to do all of this while still maintaining the original formulas and models. They remain protected and hidden, the recipient unable to view or modify them.

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