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Measuring Pressure And Temp In Dangerous Places

A battery-powered, wireless system measures and transmits temperature and pressure signals out of Div. 1 areas.

It eliminates costly conduit and cable runs in hazardous locations. A rugged NEMA-4X version is also available for nonexplosionproof applications that need waterproof protection. The system comes with a thermocouple, RTD, pressure-transducer inputs, lithium battery, radio transmitter, and antenna. A receiver unit can be installed 3,000 ft away in any of Adalet's cast-aluminum, fiberglass, or stainless-steel enclosures. Data-transmit intervals are factory set from 1 to 60 sec.

Adalet Wireless,
4801 W. 150 St., Cleveland, OH 44135,
(216) 267-9000,

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