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Machine Design

Mechanical Product: Electromagnetic Clutches/Brakes

The line of Packaged Electromagnetic Clutches/Brakes, including new Gen 2 modules, are covered in a 66-page catalog, complete with ordering information.

Replacing the original C-Face Models in sizes 50, 100, and 800 are these Gen 2 products: UniModules (UM Series); Enclosed UniModules (EUM Series); Electro Modules (EM Series) with Enclosed Option; Electro Modules (EM-FBC Series) with Enclosed Option Uni- Modules (UM-FBC Series); Enclosed UniModules (EUM-FBB Series); Uni- Modules — Ceramic Faced (UM-C Series). Sizes 210 and 215, also featured in the catalog, will continue to be manufactured in their original C-Face design.

Warner Electric
449 Gardner St.
South Beloit, IL 61080
(800) 234-3369

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