Machine Design

Mechanical Product: Grid Spring Coupling

G-Flex couplings transmit torque while cushioning systems against shock loads and vibration with grid springs.

The springs are shot-peened to resist fatigue and stress corrosion. When replacement or maintenance is required, the taper grid can be quickly removed without realigning the system.

The couplings are interchangeable with other industry-standard grid couplings. In-stock sizes range from 1020 to 1140, they can accommodate shafts up to 7.25 in. in diameter. The horizontally split cover of the 1000T10 model permits access in tight quarters. The 1000T20 model’s cover is split vertically, an arrangement that handles higher rpms.

T.B. Woods
440 N. 5th Ave.
Chambersburg, PA 17201
(888) 829-6637

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