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Machine Design

Meshes for CFD problems

CFD meshing software Gridgen V15.02 reads native CAD files and handles sloppy geometry.

Geometry for the hydraulic turbine's spiral casing was imported into Gridgen from a native Unigraphics file. The mesher's latest release includes an interactive visual mode in which problem areas are highlighted so users can quickly select and repair them.

Native access to Catia V4, Pro/E, STEP, and UGS avoids translation errors that can occur when using open-standard-file formats. The mesher tolerates CAD-model faults while meshing. Instead of forcing engineers to repair gaps and overlaps in the geometry to construct a watertight solid, Gridgen meshes the geometry. During the meshing, Gridgen applies a suite of automated, global, and local tools to merge the mesh over gaps in the CAD geometry.

Pointwise Inc.,
213 South Jennings Ave., Fort Worth, Texas 76104,
(817) 377-2799

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