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Metal cleaner - Kyzen

Metalnox M6319 heavy-duty, aqueous, high-alkaline, all-purpose metal cleaner is a blend of detergents, alkalinity builders, conditioners, and organic and inorganic inhibitors. It safely removes waxes, grease, drawing oils, machining oils, fingerprints, hydraulic fluids, road dirt, carbonized oils, petrolatum, and shop dirt from copper, bronze and brass; some aluminum alloys; iron and steel; composites, plastics, and rubbers; and precious metals.
M6319 is low foaming, non-phosphated, and low-VOC, and it has no HAPs, CFCs or SARA 313s. The cleaner contains trace silicates and prevents flash rust. It can be used in both spray and immersion systems and comes in one, five, and 55-gallon containers.

Kyzen, 430 Harding Industrial Dr., Nashville, TN, 37211, (615) 831-0888,

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