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Machine Design

Metal Jewel Orifices

Specialized technology allows production of precision metal orifices as small as 0.004-in. diameter in brass and stainless steel.

In addition to metal orifices, the manufacturer offers sapphire orifice jewels in brass fittings, which are extremely hard and wear resistant, in diameters as small as 0.003 in. The jewels are pressed into the body of the fittings. Fitting body styles include built-in barb, pipe, straight thread, and nipple. Applications include: hydrogen fuel cells, medical and dental equipment, instruments, laboratory equipment, ink-jet print engines, semiconductor-manufacturing equipment, toxicgas detectors, aerospace equipment, packaging machinery, industrial robots, and many more.

Beswick Engineering Co. Inc., 284 Ocean Rd., Greenland, NH 03840, (603)433-1188,

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