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Micro D-subminiature connectors -Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products

A new line of lightweight EMI-filtered micro D-subminiature connectors are designed and built to MIL-DTL-83513 and are RoHS compliant. The small footprint of the micro D‑sub handles medical, industrial, and aerospace applications where space is limited and EMI a concern.
The connectors offer capacitance values to 4,700 pF, can be specified for selective line filtering, and provide an environmentally sealed contact area once mated. Available with nine to 37 contacts and a variety of styles, terminations, and mounting options, the connectors withstand 100-Vdc operating voltage, 300‑Vdc dielectric withstanding voltage, 3-A current rating, and 5 GΩ @ 100-Vdc insulation resistance.
Spectrum Advanced Specialty Products, 8061 Avonia Rd., Fairview, PA 16415, (814) 474-0325,

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