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Machine Design

Micro Nozzle For Precision Blowoff

New Micro Air Nozzle directs highvolume, high-velocity airflow for precision-blowoff applications.

The air nozzle projects <1 in. past mounting surfaces for installation in confined spaces. Stainless-steel construction makes it suited for blowoff, cooling, and drying in general industrial, high-temperature, food, pharmaceutical, and corrosive environments. The nozzle's narrowly focused air pattern is only 1.25 in. in diameter when positioned 6 in. away from the target. It produces a 12-oz blowing force and consumes 13 scfm at 80 psig. The Micro Air Nozzle meets OSHA standards for dead-end pressure 29 CFR 1910.242(b) and noise requirements 29 CFR 1910.95(a), ensuring safe operation. The unit has a 1/8-NPT male air inlet and 7/16-in. hex and installs using standard wrenches or sockets. Various configurations are available.

EXAIR Corp., 11510 Goldcoast Dr., Cincinnati, OH 45249, (800) 903-9247, microair.htm

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